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William J. Vogt, our founder and president, works as an Electronics Engineer during the week, and weekends as a wedding photographer in New York. He is disappointed with available flash equipment of the time and begins making custom flash equipment from spare parts in his basement.



Bill Vogt builds his first Rechargeable Flash Pack.



Inspired by a NASA article about orbiting power systems, Bill's designs leap forward.



Bill produces his first 100ws rechargeable flash pack made entirely of new parts. He couples it with a Matador flash head to form his first prototype.



Lumedyne Founded! In March of this year, Bill incorporates with his partner Sam Streger. In its’ first year, Lumedyne releases the worlds’ first 4 5/8 lbs., 200ws portable flash system! It gives photographers 450 flashes at 100ws!



Lumedyne produces their own brand-name flash heads.



P.P.A.N.E Show. Ruby Schaller completely evaluates the Lumedyne flash system and deems it remarkable. Orders come pouring in!



  • Lumedyne sends representatives to Photokina.

  • International sales begin. P.P.A. National, in Washington D.C. Michael Daly of Kona Photographic, HI, orders Lumedyne equipment.

  • In Fall, Lumedyne produces the worlds' first portable 400ws flash system!

  • K&R Photographic tops off a big year by becoming a big Lumedyne dealer.


Lumedyne moves to sunny Port Richey, Florida.



Lumedyne buys the current factory building.



Lumedyne produces the worlds' first battery powered modeling light system.



Novatron is distributing Lumedyne systems in the USA. Bill buys out Sam to become sole owner of the corporation.



Lumedyne produces the worlds' first modular flash system!



Lumedyne releases an AC power supply; the worlds' most powerful in the industry.



Lumedyne takes back the reins of USA distribution from Novatron. Established the worlds' only (and longest term) Guaranteed Battery Performance Pro Rate Warranty (7years).



Lumedyne produces the worlds' first High Voltage Pack (SuperCycler) for Vivitar/Sunpack



Tish LaDez, becomes Director of Marketing. Great new ad campaigns are launched.



Lumedyne produces the Ultra Charger; the worlds' first delta-V charger, the MiniCycler and the MegaCycler; worlds' fastest HV Pack!



Lumedyne proves to be stackable up to 2400ws on one head making it the worlds' most powerful battery operated flash! New PEPI batteries are protected from overcharging and indicate full charge.



The new Low Battery Warning light for modular batteries (L53 & 065L/067L) is introduced.



Automatic Modules are introduced, the worlds’ most powerful Auto Circuit (2400ws).



Faster, better, stronger equipment improvements plus a few new products for specialty markets.  

Pro-Rate Battery Warranties go to 90 months.



The new 6 volt and 9 volt Lumedyne Digital Batteries are introduced with the worlds' most accurate battery meter.



New European markets are explored, trip brings new markets closer. Export markets grow to over 15% of total.



Lumedyne introduces TTL Flashes. They understand the Quantum™ and Metz™ (SCA™) TTL Modules.  The Worlds’ most powerful TTL Flash System able to go above 1200ws.  It's the only two head TTL System with no additional TTL Cables.  Deluxe TTL Packs feature the Micro-Manual Power Settings down to 3ws for modern film speeds. 



Bill Passes Away. Tish Vogt owns the company and promotes D.J. LaDez to General Manager. New Signature Series Flash System is designed: Prototype units go to trade shows for suggestions and go through several waves of changes and improvements. Battery Pro-Rates go to 100 months.



New Low Voltage Batteries are released. All have seven light Battery Gauge (also available as an aftermarket upgrade) and simple guaranteed operation. New molded cases are very popular. New Cyclers are introduced. They are smaller and lighter than other versions, and most with 7 light battery gauges. Late in the year the new Signature Series equipment is finally released. Its' features make it the worlds' most controllable portable flash system.



The HAHM Auto-module replaces the OO7. Modular cables are no longer used.



The Next Generation Systems replace the Classic Packs and Heads, adding more control, battery gauges, and several other performance enhancements. Double the warranty of other portable flashes.

The Action Pack System is released offering 1/3000th and 1/1500th second flash durations for stop action photography.

The Quadramatic Power Pack is released. With one Lumedyne, and one Quantum X head jack and battery gauge, it offers convenient power for the QFX X style heads, as well as Lumedyne heads with Auto Modules. It is the worlds' least expensive portable 400ws pack.

The Low Voltage Battery line (6 and 9V) are discontinued.

High Voltage Cycler line is thinned down to 8 options. Signature Series Cyclers take over for their popularity of size and features.



Fast/Extra Fast Recycle switching is added to the worlds fastest recycling 200 & 400ws  power packs. Single speed packs are no longer offered.

A new Accessory Connector is added to the Signature Series Packs in preparation for the future release of new accessories.

AC Modules and the 4 Way Trickle, Quick/Trickle and Ultra chargers are outfitted with External Breakers, selectable International voltage, and exchangeable AC cables. Cooling fans are added producing the worlds’ highest duty cycle for AC converter on DC Primary packs.



Lumedyne is proud to announce the new Ring Flash. The Ring Flash is just under 3 lbs, and boostable to 1600ws. The Ring Flash has 12 low consumption LED modeling lights and a 100 mm lens diameter. The New Lumedyne Ring Flash is a must have for fashion photography while on location anywhere!

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BC12 evolves to it's current form for shooters who need thousands of images on location and thus use a car or marine battery.


Dan Galloway arrived and thanks are given because we can design new products and better organize our Production Department.


CQ1Z International Charger becomes the standard basic charger.

Lori left and thanks are given because she wasn't very popular, we are a family business based on customer service so popularity does matter.


QuadSpeed Head is introduced allowing high power shots with fast flash duration and the use of large sofboxes. Four flashtubes share the work.

Hyper Chargers are introduced that have the fastest charging speed and a seven LED battery gauge so you can monitor battery levels easier.


Hyper Charger evolves into today's models with 2 or 4 outputs and the battery gauge - all that you need is a battery that is less than 8 years old

Also the Hyper Charger for vehicles CH2V is introduced which powers a Power Pack or charges the Lumedyne Batteries from the cigarette lighter.


New AC Power Base XACU is introduced that offers full AC operation for all Power Packs and offers a Hyper Speed Charger built right inside.


The VXCA and VXNA Flash Recycle Accelerators are introduced. The Lumedyne "X" cuts the recycle time of on-camera flashes in half and doubles the flashes per charge. It's the smallest HV pack in the world and the only one that is so small that it can plug directly into the flash.


New small Cycler and other products are coming...