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For Sales Questions email:

For General Questions and Technical Support, email: info@lumedyne.com

For Service and Repair issues email:


For phone contact within the USA call:

1-800-LUMEDYNE   (1-800-586-3396) All others call: 1-727-847-5394

FAX: 1-727-841-0000 

Physical Address:

6010 Wall Street,
Port Richey  FL  34668, USA

Repairs and Rental of Equipment:

Feel free to send any repairs to the address shown above.  Include a very specific note about the problems you are having, along with your name, address, phone number and email, if available, so that we can contact you as needed. If you feel your equipment should be under warranty please include your proof of purchase. Registering your warranty cards avoids this inconvenience.

It is always best to send all pieces of equipment in use at the time of failure, including flash heads, tubes and cables, power packs, boosters, AC modules, and even batteries.  In the event of a high voltage arcing, all units could potentially be damaged, and should have their connectors checked.  We often find that the problem may be in one piece of gear, but the CAUSE is in another.  With all the pieces in at the same time, your equipment can all be tested together.

Lumedyne charges a $10 evaluation fee per piece of equipment which is waived if we complete the repair or if we dispose of your gear for you.  We do charge the evaluation fee if we return your gear unrepaired.  Once the gear is evaluated, we contact you with the estimate on the repair.  Upon your authorization and payment, the repair is completed and returned to you.

The only exception is if we find your Lumedyne equipment is dangerous to operate but you want it returned non-repaired, we may elect to leave the equipment inoperable rather than being dangerous but still functioning. This happens less than 3 times per year on average that someone wants their gear back "as it arrived to us" but it is clearly unsafe to operate. We'd rather hear you complain than to knowingly risk harming you or anyone else.

We strive for a less than 5 day turn-a-round, although larger orders can take longer.  Special “rush” orders can be accommodated with a $25 per item rush fee.

Warranty repairs are completed at no charge for parts or labor. They also do not receive the basic handling fees of a normal repair.  Warranty repairs are treated as priorities and are eligible for FREE use of our rental gear as needed while repairs are being completed.  The photographer is only responsible for the shipping costs for the repair/rental equipment.

Rental equipment is usually available to accommodate shortages due to repairs or individual projects depending on the amount of equipment needed.

Please call the service department for the current weekly rates and availability. A full 400ws Portable Flash System with two Batteries rents for only about $90 per week and separate components are less than that. How can we help you?

Authorized Factory Qualified Repair Locations

Lumedyne Inc

(Factory Location)

6010 Wall Street,
Port Richey  FL  34668, USA

Phone 727-847-5394



K C Engineering Co.

38 Burnt Bark Dr,
Scarborough, OT M1V3J8 Canada
Phone 416-292-6255





Warranty and Service


CamTech- Netherlands

Belgielaan 1E
2391 PH  Hazerswoude (ITC)
Tel 0172-230270
email : info@camtech.nl